Deep Groove Ball Bearings
  • HT1: < 350°C
  • HT2: < 260°C
  • HT2X: < 300°C
  • HT3: < 300°C
Deep Groove Ball Bearings
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High-temp Deep Groove Ball Bearings

In extreme temperature conditions, normal bearings do not meet the high standards for service life and reliability.

For normal bearings perfect running performance is only guaranteed up to 120°C. SWC high-temp deep groove ball bearings allow temperatures up to 350°C.

In combination with the different lubricants, these specially coated ball bearings provide the following benefits:

  • Long operating lifetime at
    • High temperatures
    • Low speeds
  • Reduced maintenance costs

SWC offers four different types of lubricants for High-temp Deep Groove Ball Bearings:

MoS2-Lubrication HT1 For temperatures up to 350°C, maintenance required
Grease lubrication HT2 For temperatures up to 260°C, maintenance-free
Special Grease lubrication HT2X For temperatures up to 300°C, maintenance-free
SLC-Lubrication HT3 For temperatures up to 300°C, maintenance-free
Individually HT0 Coated bearings with grease as desired by the customer