SWC High-temp Deep Groove Ball Bearings with the suffix HT1 are filled with a high-temp paste,
which hardens after reaching a certain temperature and leaves a powder.

Bearings lubricated with HT1 are suitable for slow speeds and temperatures up to 350°C,
but have to be relubricated or replaced after 12 to 18 months depending on the application.

All HT1 bearings are available open, with shield on one (ZR) or both sides (2ZR).


All High-temp Deep Groove Ball Bearings come with the following benefits:

Increased radial clearance (multiple of C5)
as compensation for temperature-induced deformations of the production goods
(rails, transport units)

Heat stabilization
for temperatures up to 250°C

Manganese phosphate coating (according to EN ISO 9717)
ensures increased protection against corrosion, good adhesion of lubricants
and better runability

Riveted sheet steel cage
provides high stability at low friction

Broad assortment
6000 ... 6020
6200 ... 6220
6300 ... 6320


Available on request:

Special lubrications

Different sizes

Different types of cages


Download our PDF-catalogue for SWC High-temp Deep Groove Ball Bearings here:

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For further information about mounting, fits and calculations, you can find the technichal brochure for SWC High-temp Deep Groove Ball Bearings following as PDF:

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