SWC Bearings Technology Co., Ltd. is an affiliated company of SWC Wälzlagerfabrikation SW GmbH and is based near Bangkok in Thailand. The company was established in January 2013 and after six months construction and interior decoration, we were able to celebrate the official opening of our warehouse and production facility in July 2013.
SWC Bearings Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the markets in Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East as well as selected key accounts.


Nalinthip Phakanont

Miss Nalinthip Phakanont received her bachelor's degree in marketing in 2001.
After graduation she worked in several executive positions in manufacturing of jewelry for export,
and for companies in the import and export logistic business.
Since 2008, Miss Nalinthip was involved in the sales and marketing of SWC Bearings and she was appointed Managing Director in January 2013.

Walter Hoehn

Walter Hoehn graduated in Switzerland with a bachelor's degree in business administrations in 1971.
He has been in the bearings business in Thailand since 1978, where he held several senior management positions in international companies, primarily engaged in the power transmission business, which obviously includes all types of ball and roller bearings.
With the formation of our company in Thailand, Walter Hoehn was appointed as a director with overall responsibility of the company operations.